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Friday, March 24, 2006


I am working from home (Wfh) for the last quarter. Atleast partially. Often remarks are passed that people wfh are not good at work, or are not productive. I laugh at them. These remarks are not made by bystanders but rather team members, friends, room-mates who are highly professionally qualified.

They cant accept that the truth that to work you dont need an office but just work alone. I accept this as a fallout of traditions and culture. I have seen people wfh are much more productive and competent than their team members who work at office. There would be personal things cropping up and people who regularly wfh know when to put those aside. One more advantage is you dont have chance of around-the-cooler discussion. Most of the office goers waste lot of time there. They know for the fact but they hate to admit it.

Next time you remark , just watch out.


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